Gut Candy

Gut Candy is the best product of its kind! It helps condition the digestive tract while also providing critical bacteria, enzymes and micro-flora for optimal digestion. Gut Candy helps you gain a show ring advantage by allowing you to push them harder, hold them better, and get them dialed in at just the right time to hang that banner. 

Gut Candy is ideal;

- for daily use
- if they go off feed
- if you're pushing them hard
- when you're holding them
- during stress

Available in 10 lb & 25 lb pails 

10 lb pails have a snap on lid & 25 lb pails have a screw top lid

Drug free and contains no banned substances

Sheep and Goats

Feed at the rate of 1-2 ounces per head per day.


Feed at the rate of 2-3 ounces per head per day.


Feed at the rate of 3-4 ounces per head per day

Tips for Use: A full level scoop contains 1.0 oz