TX T (TEXAS TEA) Liquid Supplement

TX T is a liquid supplement for Show Animals which provides vitamin and mineral supplementation as well as energy. What makes it unique is the energy.  Most competitive products contain a lot of calories; generally from fats which can hinder overall digestion. TX T utilizes a proprietary blend of sugars, starches and carbohydrates, which are easier on a sensitive digestive system than fat.

Available in 1-gallon jugs or in a case of (4) 1-gallon jugs.                                  

Drug free and contains no banned substances

Sheep and Goats

Feed at the rate of 10cc to 15cc twice daily.


Feed at the rate of 1 oz to 2 oz twice daily.


Feed at the rate of 4 oz to 6 oz twice daily.

Tips for Use:Do not exceed specified feeding rate.



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