November 08, 2019 3 min read

Ulcers. They’re not just limited to human beings who are older, overly stressed or lead an unhealthy life. They affect stock show animals as well. In fact, the majority of hogs that go to market have ulcers.Pork Information Gateway states that “studies have been conducted at slaughter and typically 80 or 90% of hogs show some type of lesion in the pars esophageal region.” 

While commercial hog farmers have access to resources that help manage ulcers in their pigs, many individuals who own show pigs do not. This is troubling, as gastric ulcers have a significant impact on mortality rates (endemic mortality rates due to gastric ulceration have been reported to be 1 to 2%, with sporadic outbreaks causing much higher rates, according to thePork Information Gateway).

This is why we developed Body Guard. In short, it’s a revolutionary new (and affordable) product that helps balance pigs internally while making them look their best. But there’s more to it.

Why Body Guard?

Most show pigs are fed specialized diets. These diets create stressors that wreak havoc on them internally for two reasons:

  1. They are high-corn diets.When a pig is fed corn, it requires a high level of stomach acid to break down the corn and digest it. When there is a lot of acid in the gut, it creates an ideal environment for ulcers to develop.
  2. They are high L-Lysine diets.While this amino acidis noted for its ability to make feed more efficient and aids in the growth of muscle tissue, it can have its side effects. One of which is constricted blood flow, when makes the heart work harder and produces extra adrenaline.

Both of these combine to create a lot of stress in the show pig, which can be a huge contributor to ulcers.

Benefits of Body Guard

Swine Body Guard is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind supplement designed to effectively counter the physiological effects of pig diets and combat ulcers. It was in development for more than a year to perfect the formula. Here are some of the benefits of this stock show supplement:

  • It helps balance the pig’s body chemistryand moves it back to where it would be if no adrenaline were present.
  • The heart and respiratory system don’t have to work as hard, meaning there is less adrenaline produced.
  • The digestive system has more integrity to it and isn’t as prone to ulcers or lesions.

In addition to these benefits, there is a proprietary additional technology added that helps add shape to the pig’s muscle. The formula is also drug free and contains no banned substances.

How to Use Body Guard

UsingSwine Body Guard is as simple as feeding your hog three to four scoops of it per day throughout the entire feeding period. It’s very palatable, so you can put it right in the hog’s feed feed and you can start as soon as you decide that your hog is a show pig. One 30-pound bucket has approximately 100 days’ worth of feedings for one pig (or 50 days’ worth of feedings for two pigs, and so forth). It’s also available in 10-pound buckets.

At the end of the day, when you use Body Guard, you’ll get a hog that stays on feed, a hog that will eat when it's time to push them and a hog that has better better muscle shape.